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Khaman is a popular Indian snack that originates from the western state of Gujarat. Made from gram flour and steamed, Khaman has a spongy texture and has a tangy taste. It is typically served with green chutney and can be enjoyed as a breakfast item or as a light snack.

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Established in 1995, Lijjat Khaman is a top player in the category of Street food in Ahmedabad. It was founded by Manharlal Bhuptani with his three sons namely- Atulbhai Bhuptani, Bhaveshbhai Bhuptani and Tejasbhai Bhuptani.
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In Ahmedabad, Lijjat Khaman is located in a prominent location in Kankaria, their prime goal is to provide the best and delicious locally sourced raw materials clubbed into a beautiful delicacy. Their belief is to provide utmost customer satisfaction to cater to a larger client base. The business has managed to establish an amazing cliental through these years which makes them a well-known player in Ahmedabad. We are beyond grateful that over the course of our journey, we have established a firm foothold in our industry.

28 Years Celebrating

28 Years of Flavorful Journeys and Culinary Excellence!Celebrating our legacy at Lijjat Khaman, where every bite tells a story. Join us in commemorating a journey filled with taste, tradition, and togetherness. Here's to many more years of delectable moments!

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